How to Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain with Pressure Points

You can stop wisdom tooth pain by manipulating a number of pressure points in your face, head, and body. These pressure points trick your brain into paying attention to something other than the pain in your wisdom tooth. These pressure points are a healthy alternative to pain medication while you are waiting to have your wisdom tooth treated by a dentist.

Manipulate the pressure point in your Achilles tendon. This is the ridge running between your calf and heel. Squeeze both sides of the Achilles tendon with gentle pressure. Be careful when you do this or it will be quite painful. As strange as it seems, there is a direct correlation between this pressure point and wisdom tooth pain.

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Press the point on the underside of your jaw bone. This pressure point lies directly underneath the outside corner of each eye. Apply pressure upward and into the jaw bone. If you have severe wisdom tooth pain you will have pain in this region anyway. If you do, see a dentist immediately. Your wisdom tooth is severely infected.

Apply pressure to your cheek bones. This pressure point is located on the underside of the cheek bones directly under your eye ball if you are looking straight ahead. Press the point upward toward your eye. This pressure point relieves much of the pain from a wisdom tooth on the top row of teeth.

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Find the gap located directly beneath each ear. The top of your finger should be touching the bottom of your ear where it is connected to your head. Open your mouth wide and press the point straight in. Now close your mouth while maintaining pressure. Continue to open and close your jaw. This will take the edge off of wisdom tooth pain on the side of your head.

Move your finger to directly in front of the hole in your ear. This is right in front of that little flap of skin. Open your mouth and feel for a hole that opens up. Press this point and notice the strange sensation in your mouth. This is the wisdom tooth pain numbing. Continue to press the point as you open and close your mouth.