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How to Determine Your Daily Weight Watchers Points

By braniac ; Updated July 27, 2017

Are you trying to lose weight without going on some crazy unrealistic diet? Weight Watchers may be the plan you are looking for. Weight Watchers strives to teach you to eat right - the right foods, the right amounts. Nothing is forbidden and you won't be living on weird food such as all rice diets or grapefruit five times a day. You eat real food in the real world. The difference is that with the help of Weight Watchers you learn to make better food choices and eat the proper amounts for your body size and lifestyle. The following steps will help you calculate the number of daily Weight Watchers points you should eat if you want to lose about a half pound to a pound a week. In addition to the daily points, you get 35 points per week to use whenever you want.

Weigh yourself to determine your starting point. Take the first 2 digits of your current weight (22 if you weight 225, 24 if you weight 246, etc.).

Add points to the number from step 1 based on your standard activity level.

• 0: mostly sit • 2: mostly stand • 4: walk a lot • 6: do hard physical work

Add 10 points if you're a nursing mother.

Add points based on your gender.

• 2: female • 8: male

Add points based on your age.

• 4: 17 to 26 years old • 3: 27 to 37 years old • 2: 38 to 47 years old • 1: 48 to 57 years old • 0: older than 57

Add points based on your height.

• 0: less than 5' tall • 1: 5' to 5'9" tall • 2: more than 5'9" tall

Add up all the points for your daily allotment. And remember you get 35 points to use any time. Here's an example: weight=210 (21 points) + female (2 points) + age=45 (2 points) + height=5'2" (1 point) = 26 daily points. If I wanted to maintain my weight at the current level, I would add 4 points per day.

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