What Are the Dangers of Polident?

According to The Online Center for Dentures and Dental Implants, approximately 36 million people in the United States wear dentures. While it is estimated that half the dentures in the USA are radioactive (due to the uranium preventing the dentures from appearing green in a specific light), the danger from dentures actually comes from the topical cream used with them. Denture cream manufacturers such as Polident use zinc in the cream's ingredients and when ingested, zinc can wreak havoc throughout the body.

Nerve and Brain Disorders

Polident contains zinc, and since the product is worn in the mouth, it causes a portion of that zinc to be ingested into the body. When dentures don't fit as well, more of the Polident cream is required and therefore, more zinc is ingested. Too much zinc in the body can lead to toxic effect, such as nerve disorders and neurological problems.

Intestinal Distress

When denture creams are swallowed with food, water or general daily saliva, they can lead to intestinal distress. The zinc in the creams irritates the stomach, leading to minor issues such as stomach cramps and nausea, to major daily disruption like vomiting and diarrhea.

Whole-Body Effects

The zinc in Polident can lead to effects radiating throughout the whole body, ranging from the mild (metallic taste in the mouth) to the disastrous (urine retention, seizure). Too much zinc in the body has resulted in denture wearers suffering from jaundice, fever, joint pain and experiencing low blood pressure.