Dangers of Muscle Stimulators


Electronic muscle stimulators work by applying a low-voltage electrical current to the muscles, making the muscle contract. Repeating this process may lead to the muscles becoming stronger and more toned. These devices were first invented for use in rehabilitating bed-bound patients and for alleviating pain, but they have since been marketed by companies as a fitness aid. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the sale of these items, but it should be understood that even when the FDA has approved the sale of a device, there could still be risks to using that product.

Burns can occur when using the pads on certain areas of the body that may be sensitive or if too much electrical energy is applied to an area.


Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.


Shock or electrocution can occur if an electrical cable is faulty. This could affect not just yourself but other members of the household.

Skin Irritation & Bruising

Skin irritation could occur on the site where the pads are placed on your skin or if they are placed improperly. Bruising could also be caused by improper use.


Pain may occur when the low-voltage electrical impulses go through your body.

Interference with Pacemakers

It is not recommended that a person with a pacemaker use electronic muscle stimulators as it could interfere with the device.


Follow instructions very carefully and ensure all cables and leads comply with current safety guidelines. Research the claims made by retailers about their muscle stimulators 1. If in any doubt, use a more traditional exercise program or get advice from your doctor. Do not use if you are pregnant and never use on open wounds.