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The Best Cures for Being Drunk

Your body will become dehydrated after a night of drinking alcohol. The alcohol will effect your motor skills and your thought processes. If you need to go to work or need to accomplish a task, it is best to wait until the alcohol is out of your system and there are no lasting effects. There are a few things you can do to speed up the process.


Sleeping is one of the ways to cure being drunk. If you have the time, go to bed and try to sleep at least eight hours. If you are expected to be somewhere in a few hours, try taking a nap. When you wake up, if you are still drunk you may need to cancel your plans and call in sick to work.

  • Sleeping is one of the ways to cure being drunk.
  • If you are expected to be somewhere in a few hours, try taking a nap.


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Alcohol has the ability to dehydrate your body, which leads to fatigue and a headache as the day goes on. Rehydrate your body with water or electrolyte drinks. Do not drink soda or coffee, since these both can dehydrate your body further.

Exercise or Movement

Rather than go to sleep you can get up and take a walk. The fresh air and exercise will help awaken your body and senses. Though it will not sober you up, when your body is more alert, the effects of drunkenness are less hindering.


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Another cure for being drunk is to eat food, particularly carbohydrates. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread or pasta will help provide your body with energy. It is a myth that bread will soak up the alcohol in your stomach and make you less drunk.


A cool shower can also help awaken your senses and make your body feel better. Though this will not sober you up right away, it can help the body feel more refreshed.

Bloody Mary

Though it may sound silly to drink more alcohol when you are already drunk, a Bloody Mary has been shown to relieve symptoms of a hangover the next day according to Webtender 3. The tomato juice and celery alone are rich in vitamins; which your body is depleted from when you drink too much, and the small amount of alcohol is thought to relieve headaches and body aches.


Do not make yourself throw up to help sober you up. This is unhealthy for your body and does not sober you up any faster. Do not continue to drink if you are already drunk.