How to Control Bulging Blood Vessels in the Temple

Bulging blood vessels in the temples is a common concern, especially among athletic people and people with high blood pressure. In many cases, the bulging blood vessels are simply a cosmetic issue. In other cases, bulging blood vessels are a more serious medical concern and are a sign of a condition such as giant cell arteritis (GCA) 2. Regardless of whether the bulging veins are a sign of a medical condition or simply a cosmetic nuisance, their appearance can be controlled.

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How to Control Bulging Blood Vessels in the Temple

Take an inventory of your symptoms. See a doctor if you are experiencing pain and tenderness near your temples; pain in your jaw while chewing; fever; sudden loss of vision; pain and stiffness in your neck, arms or hips; tenderness of the scalp; decreased vision acuity; or double vision. These are all signs of a serious medical condition, such as GCA, and are much more serious than a simple cosmetic issue.

Ask your doctor to consider prescribing corticosteroid medications if you are diagnosed with GCA. These medications will relieve the symptoms of GCA, including the bulging blood vessels.

Gain weight if you are underweight. Underweight people tend to have bulging blood vessels in the temples due to the lack of body fat on the temples. Ensure that you gain weight by eating larger than usual portions of healthy foods as opposed to eating empty calories.

Control your stress levels, as increased stress can lead to bulging blood vessels. This is primarily due to a rapid increase in blood pressure. Practice stress reduction techniques, such as meditation and yoga to keep your stress under control.