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How to Colon Cleanse in 3 Days

By Katie Duzan ; Updated July 27, 2017

Colon cleanses aim to remove all waste from the body via bowel movements. There are two ways to do a colon cleanse; via oral ingestion or via enema. The oral ingestion is the easiest way for most people to do a colon cleanse and the most comfortable. Colon cleanses can be dangerous for some people due to possible nutrient deficiency or underlying health problems. Colon cleanses are used by many to restore health and aid digestion without any medical intervention. This article describes how to colon cleanse in three days.

Avoid solids. The first day of the cleanse, eat only soft foods. Soft foods include grits, eggs, oatmeal and soup. The second day, drink only liquids that are see-through. This includes chicken broth, gelatin and popsicles, so take in calories via these options. Make sure to drink enough to stay hydrated as well.

Drink it up. Day three begins the magnesium citrate. Drink the first bottle within a 20-minute period an hour after waking up. Two hours later, drink the second bottle. Magnesium citrate is not usually a pleasant-tasting drink, so be prepared to drink it quickly. Tips for making it more tolerable include serving it cold and mixing it with another drink such as ginger ale. However, the taste may bleed through the mix, and then there's just more to drink. After starting to drink magnesium citrate, drink nothing but water.

Stay home. Don't make any plans after drinking the magnesium citrate. Once the laxative takes effect, the urge to go to the bathroom is sudden and unavoidable.

Stock up beforehand. Certain necessities are inevitable when colon cleansing. Make sure there's plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom. Baby wipes help if loose stools cause discomfort. Have some new magazines, books or other reading material on hand. The bathroom will be a busy place after taking the magnesium citrate.

Start back slowly. The day after the cleanse, take time to build up to foods again. The stomach needs time to start tolerating spicy or greasy foods. Start with liquids, and when comfortable, add in bland foods. Go at whatever pace works without causing severe nausea or intestinal distress.


Consult with a physician before beginning any colon cleanse. Cleansing can cause serious health emergencies in individuals with certain medical disorders.

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