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How to Clean Your System Out Fast

By Andrea Palmer ; Updated July 27, 2017

There are a few different ways to take toxins out of the body. From a colonic cleansing to juice fasting, you can get caught up in the fancy language and not know where to start with stem cleanses. A quick way of cleaning out impurities from your system is eliminating the toxic foods you consume on a regular basis and replacing it with a natural diet. A few tips on what works and how to quickly clean out your system will put you on the path to better living in record time.

Mix the juice of 4 lemons, 4 cups of hot water, and sugar (to taste) into a water bottle to make a lemon detox for cleaning your system.The lemon juice detox is an example of a simple juice detox. Drink this mix every morning, for the duration of your cleanse.

Throw all processed foods into a garbage can. They will be of no use to you during any system cleanse.

Prepare all meals using fruits and vegetables. You can use organic produce if you can find it. Rice in small servings is also permitted, with no flavorings.You are basically putting your system on probation for a short period (typically 5 days) and only allowing fruits and vegetables, with no fats and minor grain servings.

Drink one or two 8-oz. glasses of cranberry juice each day. This can be done in addition to water and your lemon juice detox. A cranberry juice detox is a decent aid to water during a system cleanse.

Discontinue this cleanse as soon as you feel it has served its purpose. Results are quite rapid with any juice, or natural food detox, so prolonged use is not necessary. This is not a healthy long-term solution and should only be implemented for those needing a quick cleanse that lasts no longer than two weeks.


Try to drink water frequently to push out impurities.

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