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How to Clean Swimming Goggles

By Beth Rifkin

Chlorine, salt water and sweat from your body are some of the elements that can stick to your goggles and cause them to become dirty. The debris can cause damage to the lenses, or eye pockets of the goggles, and impair your vision under water. Cleaning the goggles correctly after use can help to preserve the life of the product.

Cold Water Wash

The best method for cleaning goggles is to rinse them thoroughly in cold, clean water for two to three minutes. Rinsing the goggles after each use can help prevent residue buildup from chlorine or salt water. Avoid using soaps and detergents, which can cause the lenses of the goggles to become foggy. Be careful to avoid touching the lenses; constant handling of the lenses can cause anti-fog coating to rub off.

Drying Method

The goggles should be thoroughly dried before they are stored or placed into a swim bag. Leftover water can lead to mold or bacteria growth, which can render the goggles unusable. Lay the goggles flat on a dry, clean towel to dry. Avoid placing the goggles in the sun to dry as the heat can damage the plastic frames or rubber straps. Storing your swim goggles in a protective case, as you would with eyeglasses, will keep them damage-free while not in use. Protective cases are usually available wherever goggles are sold.

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