How to Clean 10K Gold Grillz

A gold grill snaps over the front row of teeth, to give the appearance of rich, golden teeth. By using toothpaste and simple cleaning agents, your grillz will look sparkling day after day. These may look tricky to clean, but they actually can be cleaned just like your teeth. The interior of the grill needs to be brushed daily, just like teeth -- and the exterior has to be polished and washed weekly.

Clean the inside of the gold grill. Put toothpaste on a toothbrush, and brush the inside of the grill, as if it was your teeth.

Pour warm water and dish soap inside of a bowl. Mix them together to get bubbly water.

Place the grill in the bowl of soap and water, and allow it to soak for at least ten minutes.

Rinse the grill with warm water to remove all dish soap residue.

Polish the outside of the grillz with a polishing cloth until it sparkles.