How to Chew on a Cigar

Cigars are tightly rolled sticks of tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, they are rolled not in paper but in dried tobacco. Cigars are also typically more expensive than cigarettes and take much longer to fully smoke. By chewing on the end of a lit or unlit cigar, you can enjoy the taste of the tobacco 1. This does not decrease the health risks associated with tobacco use as the tobacco is still being introduced into your system. It is simply being delivered differently.

Cut or bite off the capped end of the cigar with a cigar trimmer or your teeth. You can tell the capped end because it has a small tobacco cap glued onto the end to seal the cigar. This is also the end where the cigar brand is typically wrapped around the cigar. Be careful not to cut off to much or you will lose some of the tobacco.

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Place the cut end of the cigar into your mouth.

Hold the flame from a match or butane lighter just under the other end of the cigar. Do not allow the flame to come in contact with the cigar. Roll the cigar lightly to allow an even burn around the end. The edges should blacken slightly. Gently puff on the cigar to stabilize the burn on the cigar. Do not inhale the smoke.

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Chew lightly on the end of the cigar in your mouth. Pull more of it into your mouth if you do not have enough to chew on. You want to moisten the end of the cigar while chewing on it just enough to release the flavor of the tobacco wrapper 1. Do not chew through the tobacco wrapper as this will release the loose tobacco into your mouth. Roll the cigar around so that it gets chewed evenly.

Discard the cigar if it has burned all the way down or if you are no longer able to taste the tobacco as the flavor has seeped entirely into your mouth. Cigars can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to fully smoke.


You may skip the lighting of the cigar if you desire. Some smokers simply chew on unlit cigars while others enjoy chewing on them after they have been lit.


Cigars are only meant for those who are of a legal age to purchase and enjoy them. In most places, this is 18 years, the same age minimum for the purchase of cigarettes and all tobacco products.

Chewing or smoking cigars pose a health risk. Refer to the American Cancer Society webpage for more information.