How to Change Refills in Lantus Pens

Are you a diabetic who has been prescribed Lantus? The Lantus insulin pen is a great way to manage your Lantus dosages. Using the pen for your Lantus delivery eliminates the need to manage vials and syringes, and reduces the risk of miscalculations when measuring dosages. Changing the cartridge on your Lantus pen is a quick and easy process, and can be done in a matter of seconds.

Push the dosage knob in completely. The cartridge will not release if the dosage knob is not completely in place.

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Remove the old Lantus cartridge by pressing the "Cartridge Release" button. The used cartridge can be thrown away.

Look closely at the new cartridge and make sure that the insulin is clear and free of any particles. Double-check the label to be sure you have the proper type of insulin and the cartridge is not expired.

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Push the dosage button all the way in, and hold the pen so that the "Cartridge Release" button is at the top.

Slide the new cartridge straight into the pen 1. The cartridge will lock in and click, to let you know it’s all the way in. If it doesn’t seat properly, try to twist it a bit.


Do not force the cartridge into place. Remove the cartridge and reinsert it, or try lifting slightly on the cartridge when inserting to slide it into the pen. Do not store your pen in the refrigerator. The cold temperatures can damage the components of the pen, causing potentially incorrect dosages.