Causes of Neck Skin Odor

Body odor plagues many men and women across the United States. Sometimes the unpleasant odor is simply due to poor hygiene and other times its the result of a medical disorder or ailment. No matter the cause, smelling bad can be both embarrassing and worrisome, especially when the smell comes from a non-suspect location like the neck. The good news is that many causes of neck odor are easily treatable.


Skin is prone to various infections that can affect any area of the body, including your neck. Types of possible infections include an anaerobic infection, or an infection where the skin gets little to no oxygen 1. This occurs in folds of skin and can result in a foul-smelling pus and red, swollen skin tissue. Pain is typically localized. Another milder infection may be caused by sebaceous cysts, or hair follicles closed off and filled with a cheese-like substance.

Poor Hygiene

Sweat is a scent-free secretion from the body, but when it rests on top of an unclean surface, an unpleasant odor occurs. This odor can even materialize on a clean body if the person is wearing unclean clothing. To prevent these foul odors, hygiene should be given utmost priority. Bathe frequently, remember to scrub your neck area, and wear clean clothing.

Excess Sweat

Even if your hygiene is excellent, if you suffer from excessive sweating, or hyperhydrosis, you may notice an increase in unpleasant odor all over your body, including the neck region. When sweat comes into contact with the bacteria already living on the skin, the odor grows stronger and stronger until it's washed away. To keep the skin dryer between washes and clothing changes, apply powder to your neck area as well as to other places that are prone to excess sweating.