Can Drinking Vinegar Water Really Make You Alkaline?

Some alternative health proponents claim that drinking vinegar water can change the pH of your body, making it more alkaline. They say an alkaline pH is better and promotes health and balance, whereas acidity leads to metabolic imbalance and illness. However, medical science shows there is little truth to this idea.

The Effect of Vinegar Water on Your Body's pH

Any food or drink -- including vinegar water -- has a particular pH by itself. But once you eat or drink it, it will become acidic in the presence of stomach acid and then become alkaline when mixed with pancreatic secretions in the intestines. The pH of your blood and cells are not significantly altered by what you eat, because your organs naturally work to maintain the pH level your body needs to sustain life, which is between 7.35 and 7.45. Straying from this range is an indicator of illness and can be life-threatening; it is a good thing you cannot change your pH by eating certain foods. Overall, the only substance that can be influenced by what you consume is the pH of your urine, which does not affect the rest of your body.