What Can Be Applied to Prevent Ant Bites?

In addition to simply being annoying, some ant bites can cause painful skin issues. Take the time to learn to formulate a few natural ant repellants with basic ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen and you may be able to avoid ant bites. Some repellants are safe and natural and can be applied to the body as well as areas where ants are known to be a problem.

Garlic Gloves and Cinnamon Sticks

Garlic gloves and cinnamon sticks both produce an odor that ants will stay away from. Obviously, cinnamon emits a more pleasant odor and is the more practical choice for applying to the skin. To use cinnamon in the home, place whole sticks in areas where ants are commonly seen. To use cinnamon for the skin, boil whole sticks, cool the liquid and disperse on your body. To use garlic in the home, peel cloves and place them in areas that ants frequent. To use on the skin, press cloves in a garlic press and apply the resulting juice directly to the skin.


The fungicidal and insecticidal properties of vinegar will repel ants. Choose either standard vinegar or apple cider vinegar. No matter the type of vinegar, it needs to be applied the same way. Apple cider vinegar is the slightly less pungent option to use on the skin. For either skin or home use, simply add pure vinegar into a spray bottle and apply to the skin or areas where ants exist.

Black Pepper

Black pepper emits an odor that repels ants. This is not the most practical repellant for the skin, but it can work. For use on the body, simply sprinkle black pepper in your pockets and the pepper will do the work for you. Ants simply need to smell the pepper. For home use, sprinkle black pepper in areas where ants frequent. Avoid placement in areas that may be visited by children or pets.

Fresh Mint Leaves

Mint destroys ants' ability to smell; they will not infest an area where they are not attracted by smell. Place fresh leaves in areas where the ants can enter the home. Focus on doorways, windows and around anthills. To use on the body, chop leaves in a food processor, blender or manual chopper and apply the resulting liquid to the skin.