Can Any Natural Remedies Remove Skin Tags or Moles?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, skin tags are small flaps of tissue that hang from the skin, and they pose no health threat. Moles are growths of skin cells in a cluster, and it is normal for 10 to 40 moles to appear by adulthood. Moles can be an indication of skin cancer and should be examined by a dermatologist if they change in size or color, are not of a singular color, borders become irregular or are larger than a pencil eraser. Many wish to remove skin tags and moles for cosmetic reasons, and these natural remedies make that possible from the comfort of your own home 4. Although changes in moles and removal of large moles should discussed with a health care professional.

Tying Skin Tags

This is a painless procedure that is also commonly practiced by dermatologists to remove skin tags. Simply take a string, very tightly wrap it around the base of the skin tag and tie it off. This prevents blood from circulating through the skin tag, effectively killing the skin tissues. The skin tag will turn black in color and will naturally fall off in five to seven days.

Cutting Skin Tags

This is not a painless procedure, but is also practiced by dermatologists to remove skin tags. The pain is quick, however, and feels more like a pinch. Be prepared in advance to deal with some bleeding and have a skin cleanser and small bandage on hand. Sterilize some clippers by holding a flame to them—they should be held with hot pads as all of the metal clipper will get hot. After the clippers have cooled, clip off the skin tag at the base.

Fig Stem Juice for Moles

Fig stem juice is acidic and will eat away at the mole. Apply the juice directly to the mole careful to avoid damaging surrounding tissue. Apply once a day until the mole is gone. As the fig stem juice works, the mole may become itchy or irritated. Try to avoid touching it to allow the fig stem juice to do its job effectively. If diligent in the treatment, moles can disappear in as little as five days.

Bloodroot for Moles

According to the Doc Shop, bloodroot has been used for generations to remove moles naturally 3. Cleanse the mole with hydrogen peroxide before using bloodroot. After cleansing, apply bloodroot paste to the mole and then cover it with a bandage. Repeat daily until the mole turns pale and falls off.