How to Freeze Skin Moles at Home

Moles are a natural skin abnormality, although some may have the tendency to become dangerous to your health. There are many different treatments for removing unwanted moles, but one in particular that can be done at the doctor’s office or at home is mole freezing. All you need is a simple mole freezing kit and a few simple directions to follow. Always use caution when doing this on your own so you do not freeze and damage other parts of your skin.

Clean the area around the mole that you will be frozen. Before any procedure is done, whether at home or at a doctor's office, the area must be cleaned properly to prevent infections or complications from occurring.

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Remove the cap from the mole removal spray, and hold it upside down 1. This will release the liquid to the tip of the bottle where the freezing liquid comes out.

Force the bottle tip against the surface two or three times to move the liquid toward the tip.

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Dab the tip of the nozzle onto the mole, and make sure that it is entirely covered. Be sure to avoid any areas on the skin that do not have moles since this will freeze and burn those areas as well.

Allow the area to dry, and do not touch the mole or any other area where you used the freezing liquid. If you happen to touch the freezing liquid, be sure to quickly wash it off with soap and water. Remember that any area the liquid touches will freeze.

Thawing will take place on the frozen area. You can try freezing the mole again after it thaws depending on the size of the mole. After a few weeks, the dried up mole will flake off. A tiny scar may be visible.


Look for any signs of infection or prolonged swelling for several days after you freeze the mole.

Seeing a doctor may be necessary if you believe the area may be infected.


Lightening or darkening of the skin on or around the area where a mole was frozen may occur.