Calories in a Large Asian Pear

The Asian pear is similar to its cousin the traditional pear in that it is tart, slightly sweet and juicy, with a firm texture similar to that of an apple.

Caloric Content

A large Asian pear contains approximately 50 calories. The fruit is usually eaten raw but can be used in recipes in which it is poached, pureed, baked or prepared in some other manner. Asian pears are typically served as a dessert and often paired with a sweet complement to cut their tartness.


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The Asian pear appears in Japanese and Chinese varieties. The Japanese pear is more round than its Chinese counterpart. The most popular Asian pear shipped to the United States is hard, yellow and smooth skinned. According to The Washington Post, new varieties of the Asian pear are being developed in the United States.

Significant Facts

Asian pears have high fiber and sugar content and are low in fat and calories. The fiber content is generally 4 g per pear. Asian pears can be stored for a week without refrigeration and up to several months if kept cold.