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Calories Burned by Jogging in Place

By John Zaremba

Jogging in place seems like kid-stuff exercise, but in reality it is a great way to relieve stress, clear your head and get a quick workout in between your daily activities. It's also a perfect substitute for running when it's too cold or too hot outside--great news for people who do not have treadmills. What's even better, it burns a surprising number of calories.

Running In Place

According to caloriesperhour.com, a website that has calorie-burning calculations for thousands of activities, a 150-pound person who jogs in place for an hour will burn 544 calories in that time.

Compared With Regular Jogging

Here's a surprise: Running in place actually burns more calories than traditional running, according to caloriesperhour.com. The same 150-pound person who burns 544 calories by jogging in place for an hour would burn only 476 calories on a moderate hour-long run.

On a Mini-Trampoline

Some people like to jog on a small trampoline (called a rebounder) because it is easier on the joints. According to caloriesperhour.com, a 150-pound person who jogs on a trampoline for an hour would burn about 300 calories an hour.

How You Burn Calories

Everything you do burns calories--breathing, laughing, chewing, sitting, even sleeping. The more energy the activity requires, the more calories it burns. Several factors affect how efficiently your body burns calories. The biggest one is size--the more you weigh, the more energy it takes to move your body.

A Modern Twist

Jogging in place got a big boost in popularity from, of all things, a video game. The release of Nintendo Wii's "Wii Fit" features a jogging program so effective and entertaining that many gyms purchased the game system and made it part of their stock of exercise equipment.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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