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How to Burn Fat

By Contributing Writer

Burning fat is at the top of many people’s list of health priorities. Lots of us want to burn as much fat from our body as possible but don’t know the best method for doing so. Fortunately, there are a number of physical activities that burn off the fat and calories. All of them are effective, but the effectiveness is at different levels.

Begin running if you want to burn the most fat possible. The strain that running puts on the body and the workout it gives the heart provides the most bang for your fat burning buck. A person can burn over 500 calories in an hour simply by jogging.

Play physically demanding sports where your body is in constant motion such as tennis and soccer if you want to burn calories and work off your competitive side as well. An adult can burn well over 400 calories simply by getting outside with some friends and playing their favorite sport for an hour.

Start lifting weights if you are interested in burning fat and replacing it with muscle. Bench pressing, squats and other weight lifting activities burn away the fat and convert your flab into muscle. A person can burn between 200 and 400 calories depending on the amount of weight and effort put into your regimen.

Try walking if these more strenuous activities seem over your head. Walking can be a great way to burn fat when done regularly and with a little more effort than usual. A brisk walk, such as walking the dog, can burn up to 250 calories and shave a great deal of fat away.

Work harder around the house if you don’t have time to exercise. Packing boxes will trim 250 calories from your body, while playing with your kids can burn almost 175 calories.

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