Benefits of Colostrum Powder

Bovine colostrum powder -- a type of pre-milk fluid released from cows during the first two to four days after they give birth -- might not sound appetizing, but it might have health benefits and work as a flu preventative 1. Colostrum is naturally rich in antioxidants and nutrients. you can purchase bovine colostrum powder over the counter 1. Speak to your doctor before using any type of supplement to treat or prevent a disease.

Lean Muscle Mass Increases

According to a study published in "Nutrition," researchers found that taking colostrum supplements improves the rate at which lean muscle mass is achieved. Subjects were given 20 grams of colostrum in powder form each day. After eight weeks of aerobic exercise and heavy resistance training, subjects achieved a mean increase of 1.49 kilograms of muscle mass.

Flu Prevention

A study published in “Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis” found that oral colostrum can be administered as a preventive agent against the flu 3. The study concluded that colostrum supplementation was three times more effective against flu prevention than vaccination. Subjects were given colostrum in oral form daily over two months.

Gastrointestinal Health

Colostrum taken orally in powder form may help relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. According to, the supplement neutralizes bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and treats severe diarrhea. The supplement may help alleviate GI distress in patients who suffer from AIDS and ulcerative bowel diseases. reports that a dosage between 10 to 20 grams may be used daily to treat gastrointestinal disorders.


Although colostrum may have some health benefits, you can develop side effects with the use of the supplement. Reported side effects include gas and mild nausea. Also, nursing and pregnant women should avoid the supplement, since the effects on the mother and the baby have yet to be determined. No interactions or contraindications have been reported with the supplement.