When to Consume Isopure Protein?

Isopure is a ready-to-drink protein supplement made from whey protein isolate, a dairy-based protein. Isopure is available in two flavors, Alpine Punch and Icy Orange. Each 20 oz. beverage provides 260 calories, with 40 g of protein and 25 g of carbohydrates. Isopure can be consumed at various times of the day to promote improvements in body composition and fitness level. Despite the potential benefits, consult a doctor before taking Isopure or any other supplements.


Consuming an Isopure protein drink at breakfast can be beneficial if you exercise later in the day. Isopure protein contains complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed slowly and have a low glycemic index rating. According to a study from the May 2009 issue of "The Journal of Nutrition," a low-glycemic breakfast can enhance fat burning during subsequent workouts and increase satiety later in the day, which can help you lose weight.

Immediately After Workouts

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Consuming Isopure protein immediately following your workouts may aid in recovery. According to a study from the June 2010 issue of "Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism," a dairy-based protein and carbohydrate supplement can limit soreness and help maintain muscle performance when consumed immediately following workouts. Because Isopure contains dairy protein and carbohydrates, it may promote similar effects.

Throughout the Day

Consuming Isopure protein throughout the day can increase your protein intake. According to nutrition researcher Dr. John Berardi, consuming up to 2 g of protein per kg of body weight daily can elicit hormonal releases that can encourage muscle gain and fat loss. Additionally, a study from the September 2010 issue of "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" found that consuming whey protein isolate -- the main ingredient in Isopure -- at breakfast, lunch, in the afternoon and after dinner promoted improved strength and recovery.

Day After Exercise

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Consuming Isopure 24 hours after exercise may also be beneficial. Exercise recovery doesn't happen immediately, and according to the June 2010 issue of "Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism," recovery can still be enhanced when dairy protein and carbohydrates are consumed 24 hours after exercise. The research found supplementation at this time reduced feelings of soreness and helped participants retain strength.