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Teenage Parenting Classes

According to the Guttmacher Institute, more than 750,000 teenage girls become pregnant each year 1. And each year, 750,000 teenage mothers are faced with the prospect of what to do if they have a baby. If your daughter finds herself pregnant and is planning on keeping the baby, then suggesting that she take teenage parenting classes with the father of the child can help her gain confidence when it comes to caring for her child. A parenting class may help her take responsibility for the child and learn to care for him properly.


Children who are born to teen parents are more likely to suffer from child abuse, admits the Florida State University Center for Prevention & Early Intervention Policy. Whether because of unrealistic expectations from the teen on how a baby should act, or stress caused by the pressure of being a teen parent, or just not having enough knowledge about how to care for a child, teenagers need adequate education on the proper care of babies.


Resources for Teen Mothers

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A teenage parenting class gives teenagers the proper tools and education to successfully care for their babies. Teens are able to feel confident in their abilities to nurture and care for a new baby, and that may relieve some of the stress caused by becoming a teenage parent. Whether offered by Planned Parenthood, the hospital, a YMCA or through a school program, a teenage parenting class can give these new parents a solid foundation on which to base their parenting skills.


Teenage parenting classes will teach your teen how to deal with a variety of situations pertaining to the arrival of her new baby. She'll learn about formula feeding versus breastfeeding, how to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and how to hold and keep her baby safe. She may also learn about how to deal with postpartum depression, engage with her partner and manage her stress levels, notes the Alaska Court System Family Law Center.


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A teenage parenting class can be taken through community resources like Planned Parenthood or a community center. Some high schools may offer course credits for taking a parenting class. Parenting classes taken online give the curriculum without revealing who you are, which may be a good choice if your teen feels embarrassed or ashamed.


When a teenager attends a teenage parenting class before the arrival of his child, he'll learn the basics that will help him care for his child. Changing diapers, bottle feeding and sleep techniques may come second nature to someone more experienced, but a teen can benefit from learning about different parenting techniques. The courses on safety, like CPR, choking and Shaken Baby Syndrome, are a must for teens who are about to become parents, to help keep their babies safe and healthy.