Hotline Numbers for Teens About Pregnancy

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Pregnant teens can be so worried, scared and overwhelmed that they don't know where to turn. Many teen girls and their boyfriends are afraid to tell their parents because they're afraid their parents might force them to do something they don't want to do, such as move out or give the baby up for adoption. Numerous hot lines are open to teens who need help, encouragement and services.

American Pregnancy Helpline

The American Pregnancy Hotline (1-866-942-6466) is a free and confidential hot line number staffed by people trained to answer pregnancy-related questions. When a teen calls the hot line, she can ask questions about unplanned pregnancy, talk about what her options are and learn how to have a healthy pregnancy. Staff are also willing to answer questions about what it takes to raise a baby and can offer advice geared toward teen boys who have gotten their girlfriends pregnant. The American Pregnancy Hotline website offers a wealth of additional information to pregnant teens and their partners.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (1-800-230-PLAN) is a women's health organization that serves all women of childbearing age. It offers a hot line that allows teens the opportunity to have a confidential conversation about pregnancy, what to expect and what options to consider. The hot line is staffed by people able to answer emergency medical questions about pregnancy and direct teen girls to the health care center nearest their home. The website offers even more comprehensive information, including how to confirm a suspected pregnancy. The website has a chat feature, which is similar to using the telephone hot line because it allows teens to ask questions about pregnancy in a confidential manner.

Option Line

Option Line (1-800-712-HELP) is geared toward teen girls and allows them to call in to get answers to pregnancy-related questions, including how to confirm a pregnancy and where to get Plan B, sometimes called the morning-after pill. The hot line also provides girls with information about birth control and their options if they do become pregnant. Teen girls might also visit the website to learn more about pregnancy, the morning after pill, abortion and life after an abortion. The website provides information to teens looking for an anonymous way to get their questions answered.

Additional Hotlines

Teen Line (1-800-852-8336) is operated by teens and gives other teens a resource for talking about tough life situations, including pregnancy. The hot line goes beyond pregnancy to also offer teens a place to discuss other issues such as suicide. Teens can also go to the Teen Line website to have conversations via an online chat program. The Maternal Assistance Program (713-680-TEEN) offers confidential information about pregnancy and options. The staff is also trained to offer advice so teens can make any pregnancy related decisions. The foundation offers information about health care, schooling and family support, too. The website offers even more information for pregnant teens and their partners.