Does "Wii Fit" Help in Losing Weight & Toning?

Wii Fit is an interactive fitness game designed for the Wii. Players can design fitness routines, compete against the game or play with other players. This game can be an effective fitness routine, especially for people not previously following a fitness program. Combined with a healthy diet, the Wii Fit can help you lose weight and tone your muscles 4.

How it Works

The Wii Fit uses a balance board calibrated to each player to measure balance, weight and body mass 4. This allows players to track their weight loss as they progress through the game 2. Players can play a number of virtual sports and engage in fitness tests. The Wii Fit also allows players to customize a workout program and adjust the program's difficulty level.

Weight Loss

Like any other fitness program, the Wii Fit can help you lose weight if you stick with it. However, cautions that many Wii Fit players are not using the program a month after purchasing it 4. To maximize the benefits of the Wii Fit, use it for at least 30 minutes five times per week.


The Wii Fit can help you tone individual muscle groups. Its balance programs are especially good at exercising the legs, hips and back. The muscle tone achieved through the Wii Fit is less than what you might achieve with weight lifting and other resistance training, but can still increase your muscle mass 4. If you are looking to "bulk up," a combination of increased protein and resistance training is best, according to the textbook "Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology. 1"

Fitness Tips

The Wii Fit cannot counteract overeating, so a healthy diet is a must if you want to lose weight. To lose 1 pound, you must eliminate approximately 3,500 calories from your diet, according to the textbook "Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology." This can be accomplished with a combination of calorie-burning exercise and restricting calories in your diet 1. Aerobic exercise is also important for overall health. While Wii Fit does offer some short bursts of aerobic exercise, activities such as walking, jogging and running will increase your overall cardiovascular health.