Calories Burned on a Weslo Cardio Glide

The Weslo Cardio Glide is a unique cardio machine that looks like a stationary bike but functions more like a rowing machine 1. It is not at all like an air walker or glider, which are machines that you stand up on and slide your feet as on a ski machine.


To use the Cardio Glide, you sit on the seat and pull the handlebars toward you like you would on a rowing machine. At the same time, you extend your legs forward. This utilizes muscles in your upper and lower body so you use more calories.

Calorie Estimates

Rowing on a stationary machine such as the Weslo Cardio Glide burns an estimated 207 to 502 calories in one hour for a person weighing 130 pounds 1. The amount depends on how much effort you put into the exercise. Light effort will use closer to 207 calories and vigorous effort will get you closer to 502. A person weighing more will burn more. For example, a 205-pound individual will burn approximately 326 to 791 calories per hour, according to NutriStrategy. Estimates exist for greater than vigorous effort, but it is unlikely you'll be able to exercise at that intensity on the Weslo as it is a low-impact machine.

Calorie Calculator

For a closer approximation of your calories burned, and to eliminate the math, you can use an online calorie calculator. Enter your weight and duration of exercise. Select an option such as "stationary rowing" or "rowing on a machine" to differentiate between rowing outdoors, as using a Weslo Cardio Glide is not like rowing a boat 1.