A Checklist of Milestones for 2-Year-Olds

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Your rambunctious little 2 year old is growing before your eyes and with each passing day, he's meeting new milestones. By now he's improved his communication skills, he's able to do more things on his own, he interacts with his peers and manipulates his body to be more physically active. As you prepare for the days ahead, keep certain milestones in mind, and mention to his doctor if your little one isn't reaching them.

Cognitive Milestones

Cognitive development refers to your toddler's changing brain and her academic abilities. Watch as your 2-year-old points to a variety of objects and verbalizes what they are. Your little one will also know many of her body parts and the names of familiar people. She should also be able to find objects that you have hidden, play make-believe games, build towers with blocks, name items in picture books and follow simple instructions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Language Development

As your child approaches his second birthday, he will increase his communication abilities by speaking more clearly and expanding his vocabulary. Your 2-year-old should use at least 50 words and be understood at least half of the time, according to Kids Health. He should also be speaking in sentences of two to four words and repeating words he hears from others.

Social and Emotional Milestones

Your little one should also show enthusiasm for being with other children his age, imitate others and show more independence. He should be able to play along with other children, according to Kids Health, but he may have trouble understanding why he needs to share toys and the concept of taking turns is still meaningless to him. Emotionally, your toddler may begin to experience separation anxiety around the middle of this second year, but by his next birthday he should be over it, notes BabyCenter.

Physical Milestones

Physically your 2-year old should be able to engage in a variety of tasks to show that she is on target developmentally. Your child should be able to walk and run, go downstairs and jump using both feet. She should also be able to stand on her tiptoes, kick a ball, throw a ball and climb on furniture or play equipment without assistance. Your little one should be able to scribble, make circular motions and draw lines using a pencil or crayon as well.

Additional Milestones

Your 2-year-old should be feeding himself at least some of the time and using a spoon for part of the time he is eating. Your child should also be able to get himself undressed and may also be able to complete simple dressing tasks, such as putting on his socks. Additional milestones your 2-year-old should have reached include testing his limits by displaying defiant behavior, showing an increased interest in toilet training and displaying less separation anxiety when you leave him with a caregiver.