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Deadlifts for Losing Weight

The deadlift exercise, in which you bend your back and lift a barbell off the floor, can be an effective way to strengthen your back muscles and several other muscle groups 1. It's not, however, likely to lead to weight loss on its own. Weight training can play a role in weight loss, but must be paired with exercise and dietary changes. Always consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise regimen.

Largely Ineffective on Its Own

Weight-training exercises, including deadlifts, burn calories at an extremely slow rate. Harvard Health Publications reports the rate that you burn calories while lifting weights is comparable to bowling and only about a third of the rate of using an elliptical trainer 2. Even with its low calorie burn, lifting weights plays a role in weight loss by elevating your metabolism.

Use Exercise and Diet

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Losing weight requires a commitment to diet and exercise 4. By focusing on both areas, rather than just one, you significantly improve your odds of finding success. Adults should endeavor to perform aerobic exercise about 300 minutes per week, find time for two or more strength-training workouts and reduce their daily caloric intake.