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Can You Get Rid of Suprapubic Fat?

By Eleanor McKenzie

Suprapubis refers to the area between the pubic bone and the navel, and just like fat in any other area of the body, suprapubic fat cannot be specifically targeted. Fat reduction in any one area results from an overall loss of fat. A healthy way to accomplish that is a combination of cardio exercise and strength training with a calorie-controlled diet.

Combined Approach to Fat Reduction

Lower body strength exercises, such as abdominal crunches will improve your body tone in specific areas, but without cardio exercise that burns calories you won't lose fat. When you burn calories you can't dictate where the weight loss happens, as the American Council on Exercise points out. However, ACE notes that strength training will increase your muscle mass, which does help to increase your calorie expenditure. For fat reduction, aim for three 30-minute aerobic sessions per week. For long-term weight control, ACE says, you should do a 60-minute aerobic session most days every week. Combine this with a low-fat diet and in time your lower belly fat will disappear.

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