What Is Sambazon Acai?

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Sambazon Acai is a brand of products from California-based nutritional products company Sambazon. It is named after its defining ingredient, acai, which is derived from small and round black-purple fruits that grow on palm trees native to Central and South America. Acai is noted for its nutritional value -- particularly for antioxidants and unsaturated healthy fats.

Juice and Smoothies

At the time of publication, there are four types of juice blends under the Sambazon Acai brand: Original, Blueberry & Pomegranate, Strawberry + Banana and Orange Juice. Each product is combined with acai juice, which, according to the manufacturer, is created out of more than 100 berries. Only one of the four choices, the Strawberry + Banana, is prepared as a smoothie. Each Sambazon Acai blend is available as a 10.5-oz. or 32-oz. bottle.


The Sambazon Acai brand also includes freeze-dried acai: sold in a bottle containing 75 capsules or as powder in a 90-g container. The freeze-dried acai is marketed as ideal for people always on the go or needing to supplement their diet with certain nutrients missing or insufficient in their everyday diets. The acai powder in particular is advertized as a good source of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

Smoothie Packs and Sorbet

Three smoothie packs fall under the Sambazon Acai brand: the Original Rio Brand, Pure Fuzion and Pure Unsweetened Acai. Each pack comprises four 100-g puree bars meant to be eaten frozen and are presented as possessing twice the antioxidants of blueberries. The Pure Fuzion and Pure Unsweetened Acai choices are made for people that want the nutritional benefits of the smoothie packs sans the sugar. Pure Fuzion is notable for combining acai berries with a type of cherry called acerola, or West Indian cherry. Also bearing the Sambazon Acai nameplate is a pint of sorbet, suitable for dessert or breakfast.


Sambazon, which makes the Sambazon Acai products, claims credit for being the first company to bring acai -- a fruit that its founders were fascinated by when celebrating the arrival of the year 2000 in Brazil -- to the United States. With 120 acai berries used for each Sambazon Acai juice blend or smoothie, Sambazon contends that it doubles the number of its nearest competitor, Zola.