Can Walking Help a Baby Drop?

As you approach your pregnancy due date, the anticipation can become overwhelming. Your tired body and mind may be looking for any way to speed up the process. Fortunately, there are natural ways to attempt to induce labor. Walking can help your baby drop and stimulate the cervix to contract, which may initiate labor.


Lightening, or when your baby drops, is a sign that you are going into labor. Your body knows what to do to prepare for childbirth. One of the first steps is dropping the baby into your pelvis to prepare for the journey downward. If you suddenly notice the pressure is off your diaphragm and lungs and you can breathe again, you may be experiencing lightening.


There are many ways women try to induce labor -- and walking is one that may actually work. A brisk walk may help your baby drop into place. The rhythmical movement of your hips can be enough to shimmy your baby down further into your pelvis.


A baby dropping can induce labor. The added pressure of the baby's weight on the cervix may be enough to stimulate contractions. If you have been having false contractions, this pressure may make them actually do something for you.

Other Benefits

Getting your baby to drop through a natural way like walking can help you avoid medical induction. If you go beyond two weeks from your due date, your doctor may consider inducing labor. Staying pregnant longer than this can increase labor-related complications. Even if walking does not help your baby drop, at least you will be preparing your body by staying in shape for labor.