How to Tell If Your Baby Is Kicking While Pregnant?

Your baby has been moving its tiny body since the first trimester of your pregnancy, according to the website However, due to his small size, you won't be able to feel a thing for the first four months. While actually feeling your baby move for the first time is one of the most exciting moments of a mother's pregnancy, it can be hard to distinguish between gas, muscle spasms and actual kicks. Within time, though, you won't mistake the difference.

Start paying attention to the sensations in your stomach at about 16 weeks of pregnancy. It is between 16 and 22 weeks that most mothers feel the first kicks of their baby, according to the website

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Assess the sensations in your stomach. Women have likened the feeling of a baby kicking to popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming or butterflies fluttering, according to the website

Pay special attention to any movements in your belly when you are relaxed and sitting or lying down. Your little one may be lulled to sleep as you move around throughout the day, meaning that she may become more active as you settle down.

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Pay close attention after eating as the baby may get a surge of energy and become more active. You may be more likely to feel the kicks at this time.

Don't worry if you don't experience a kicking sensation immediately. Most women don't feel the baby moving until about the fifth month of pregnancy. If you aren't feeling the baby at this point, schedule an ultrasound, but it may just be that your due date is a little off.


Every pregnant woman and even every pregnancy is different. Don't worry yourself comparing your pregnancy with others.


Consult your doctor if at any time you feel that something is abnormal with your pregnancy.