Does Seltzer Count As Water?

Trading in sugary soda, fruit punch or lemonade for plain or citrus-laced seltzer water can go a long way toward helping you reduce your caloric intake. Plus, unlike carbonated beverages sweetened with sugar, seltzer does not erode tooth enamel. Some sparkling waters may contain added sodium or hidden sugars, however, so read the label and avoid products with these ingredients.

Seltzer and Water Needs

Because seltzer is plain old water with added carbonation, it counts toward your daily water intake. Even seltzers that have a spritz of lime or any other flavor are still nearly pure water. For optimal health, the Institute of Medicine recommends that men get about 125 ounces, or 15 cups, of water or other nonalcoholic beverages per day and that women get about 91 ounces, or 11 cups. Some of this daily intake you'll get from food, especially from fruits and vegetables. You'll need more water when you participate in heavy exercise or when you're outside during hot weather -- or, if you have certain health conditions.