What Should I Drink If I Hate Water?

Many diets suggest you drink plenty of water to help with weight loss. The diets often stress how crucial water is in a diet. It does no good if you drink calorie-laden soda, which is more likely to make you gain weight. Some people just don't like water, though. It is bland and tasteless to them. There are some tricks to getting fluids that are low in calories and don't taste like water.

Flavored Water

Water by itself may not suit your taste buds, but if you add some flavoring to it, you could find a way to enjoy it. Adding a twist of lemon or orange may give it enough flavor to be palatable. The Harvard School of Public Health recommends adding such things as crushed herbs to add zest to the water. These will not add calories, but they will add flavor. There are also many powered, no calorie "drop-ins" that make water all sorts of flavors. They do contain artificial sweeteners, but it is a way to get your daily requirement of water in without all the calories.

No-Calorie Drinks

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It seems every company has a diet brand of its product, and this is a reasonable way to go, if you don't mind the chemicals. Most zero-calorie drinks are loaded with non-nutritive sweeteners that will not affect your waistline. Some people are put off by the idea of so many chemicals, but if that does not bother you, then this is an alternative to water. It is best to avoid the regular sodas and sports beverages because they are high in calories and provide no nutrients.

Coffee and Tea

You can enjoy both coffee and tea without sugar, and that makes them viable alternatives to water. You can also use artificial sweeteners in them. However, you should be careful with your caffeine intake. It is a diuretic, which means it makes you urinate, and can lead to making you dehydrated. You would need to drink even more fluid if you tend to drink a great deal of caffeinated beverages. Use caution with coffee and tea.

Water from Foods

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You can easily get water from some of the foods you eat. MayoClinic.com suggests that food accounts for 20 percent of total fluid intake in a day. Look for things such as watermelons, oranges and other juicy fruits to increase water from these sources. You can also have more soups and broths. With broths, you must be careful to avoid too much salt or calories. Choose low-sodium versions and check the calorie count on the label.