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The Nutrition in Bibb Lettuce

Bibb lettuce, a variety of butterhead lettuce also known as limestone lettuce, is a watery type of lettuce that can be highly flavorful yet is low in calories. Bibb lettuce is delicate but may not be appropriate for everyday use, as it can be expensive. Despite the low calorie content, Bibb lettuce is rich in several important nutrients and can be a healthy addition to your diet.


Bibb Lettuce has 13 Calories and 1.35 g of Protein per 100 gram serving according to the nutrition facts provided by the USDA Food Composition Database.


Bibb lettuce is very low in calories, as a cup of shredded Bibb lettuce provides only 7 calories. If you're dieting, Bibb lettuce can be a good substitute for higher-calorie foods, as it would take less than 1 minute of jogging or about 2 minutes of lifting weights to burn 7 calories, according to


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One reason that Bibb lettuce is so low in calories is that it contains very little dietary fat. Each cup of shredded Bibb lettuce provides only 0.1 g of fat, with nearly no saturated fat. You should note that many foods often served with Bibb lettuce, such as cheese crumbles or salad dressing, are rich in dietary fat.


Bibb lettuce is low in carbohydrates, with just 1.2 g in each cup of shredded leaves. Because of this, Bibb lettuce can be appropriate for low-carbohydrate diets. Although such diets aren't necessary for weight loss, research from the February 2006 edition of "Archives of Internal Medicine" suggests that low-carb diets can produce a quicker rate of weight loss than low-fat diets 4.


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A large portion of the carbohydrates in Bibb lettuce come from dietary fiber. Each cup of shredded Bibb lettuce contains 0.6 g of fiber. While this is a significant portion of the carbohydrates in the lettuce, it's not a significant portion of the daily recommended intake; men should consume 38 g daily, while women should consume 25 g daily, according to the Institute of Medicine.


Bibb lettuce is not a significant source of protein; each cup of this lettuce contains 0.7 g. You need protein to build and repair cells and tissues such as muscle and skin.

Vitamins and Minerals

Bibb lettuce is very high in vitamin A; each cup provides 60 percent of the daily suggested intake for men and 79 percent of the daily suggested intake for women. Bibb lettuce also offers 47 percent of the daily suggested intake of vitamin K for men and 63 percent of the suggested daily intake of vitamin K for women. Bibb lettuce is also rich in potassium and folate.