Geritol Complete Vitamins & Weight Gain

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The daily hustle and bustle of life may keep you from eating the foods that are recommended in a healthy diet. Coffee fuels the beginning of a busy work day while processed foods and sodas are at hand in the vending machines. But the body needs certain essentials in order to function properly, and although the effects may not be noticeable for a while, damage is being done. Geritol Complete is a multivitamin helps provide what the human body needs for maintenance; of course with any supplement or medicine comes side effects.

Geritol Multivitamin Ingredients

Geritol has been in usage for more than half a century. The Geritol website states that the multivitamin has all of the needed daily recommended vitamins and minerals. It only has one calorie and contains no starch or artificial sweeteners. Like with other vitamin and supplement brands, these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Weight Gain From Geritol

This multivitamin alone should not cause weight gain. Geritol is a low calorie supplement and contains 7 grams of sugar per tablet. If you do experience an increase or decrease in appetite or have noticed an increase in weight, it may be time to contact a doctor to rule out any underlying problems.

Weight Gain From Other Contributing Factors

Like with many other supplements, the most common side effects of nausea, dry mouth and upset stomach may accompany the usage of this vitamin. Geritol does contain iron and should not be taken with any thyroid medicine. If taken together, the iron in Geritol may bind to the thyroid medicine, decreasing its efficacy. Geritol and thyroid medicines and supplements need to be spread apart by 4 hours.

Taking Care and Caution

Geritol Complete and any other supplements must carefully be added into your daily diet. If you are on other medicines or take other supplements, it's important to let your doctor know. You will want to stay in the recommended dosage allowance to prevent these substances from building up to a toxic state in your body.