Iodoral Risks

By Emma Watkins

Iodoral is a supplement that contains 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg sodium iodide from potassium. The pills are a solid version of Lugol, a liquid iodine formula used in the early 20th century to regulate the thyroid gland. According to Optimox Corporation, the maker of Iodoral, the supplement is generally safe, but it can also cause side effects. Use the pills if your doctor prescribes them and report to her any discomfort you experience after taking Iodoral.

Iodoral Risks

Iodoral may cause skin inflammation similar to acne. You may also experience sinus headaches and sneezing. The supplement sometimes creates a metallic taste in your mouth and induces excessive salivation. If you notice these symptoms while on Iodoral, stop taking it and tell your doctor about the side effects you experienced.

About Iodine

Your thyroid uses iodine, a trace mineral, to make a hormone that facilitates your growth and gives you energy. Your muscles and blood also require iodine to function. If you are woman, a small amount of the mineral goes to your ovaries. Adults need 150 mcg iodine in their diets daily to prevent hypothyroidism. The condition is characterized by weight gain and loss of energy. Your doctor may also prescribe the mineral for chronic vaginal infections, mouth inflammation and fibrocystic breast disease.

Natural Iodine Sources

You may be able to avoid Iodoral’s side effects by adding iodine-rich foods to your daily menu. Seafood is the best source, with 3 oz. of codfish providing 99 mcg iodine. Iodized table salt is also high in the nutrient. One gram of salt has 77 mcg iodine. Other options include seaweed, milk and navy beans. Do not add iodine pills to your diet before talking to your doctor about it.

About Sodium Iodide

Sodium iodide is available commercially to aid in the treatment of iodine deficiency. The chemical comes in prescription-only strength and blended with over-the-counter dietary supplements. It is best to take any formula that contains sodium iodide only under your doctor’s supervision. The substance may aggravate tuberculosis. If you suffer from kidney or thyroid disease, the iodide present in Iodoral increases the chance of side effects from taking the pills.

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