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What P90X Workout Burns Body Fat?

By Leslie Truex ; Updated April 17, 2018

Created by fitness expert Tony Horton, P90X is an at-home workout program designed to build strong, lean bodies. The 90-day program includes cardiovascular workouts, strength training, core strengthening and flexibility.

P90X includes three programs specifically designed to burn calories and fat: Cardio X, Plyometrics and Kenpo X. The strength-training workouts also burn fat by building muscle.

Cardio X

The Cardio X program is designed to keep you moving to burn calories and fat. Drawing from Kenpo X, Core Synergistics, Plyometrics and Yoga X, Cardio X offers variety while building on skills you have learned in other P90X workouts.

Cardio X is low-impact, and it's not as intense as Plyometrics. Beginners will find it challenging on its own, while fitter participants can use it in addition to other P90X workouts to burn extra calories.


Plyometrics, or jump training, is about as intense as it gets. With over 30 different explosive exercises, you will be pushed to your maximum. Jump training burns calories while building lower-body strength.

The program adds jumps and leaps to squats and lunges, and it also includes lateral and forward-and-back movements. Most exercises are done in 30-second increments that increase the heart rate to the top of the heart rate zone, making plyometrics an effective fat-burning interval workout.

Kenpo X

Kenpo is a martial art similar to kickboxing. It uses a variety of punches and kicks to increase the heart rate, improve balance and strengthen core muscles. While the workout is intense and strenuous, it's constantly moving and fun, making the time pass quickly.

Kenpo doesn't burn as many calories as plyometrics, but the benefits to balance, endurance, flexibility and core strength make kenpo a worthwhile workout.

Strength Training

P90X includes strength training workouts for all the major muscle groups in the arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs and core. With the exception of Core Synergistics, these programs don't increase the heart rate significantly, but they build muscle, which is important in fat-burning. Increased muscle speeds up the metabolism, resulting in more calories burned throughout the day, even while doing normal day-to-day activities.

Hard Work Pays Off

Burning fat with P90X is all about how hard you work. If you put everything you've got into each workout, you'll burn a lot of calories and fat. If you don't push as hard, you won't burn as much.

Your diet also plays a crucial role. If you consume too many calories from fatty and sugary foods, you won't lose fat no matter how intense the P90X workouts are. Eat a whole food diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats for the best fat-burning results.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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