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Are Olives Good for Your Skin?

By Kelly Sundstrom

Olives and olive oil contain high levels of antioxidants, which are powerful immunity-boosters in the body. Many people only experience olives and olive oil as cooking products, but olive oil can also be applied directly to the skin to take advantage of its protective antioxidants.


Olives are high in antioxidants and vitamin A. Antioxidants help ward off harmful free radicals that can lead to skin diseases and cancers. Vitamin A helps your skin maintain the proper neutral pH, which is essential for maintaining a healthy, radiant skin tone.

Application Methods

You can apply olive oil to the skin externally as an alternative cleanser or as a neutral moisturizer. To use it as a cleanser, massage 1 teaspoon of olive oil onto your skin using circular finger motions for two minutes. Next, lay a steaming washcloth over your face; the heat from the washcloth will open the pores, allowing the olive oil to adhere to the oils in your skin. After the cloth cools, wipe off the olive oil. To use olive oil as a moisturizer, place two drops of the oil onto your palm, and rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly between your palms. Pat the oil over your skin after cleansing.

Internal Treatment

Olive oil can even be helpful to the skin when taken internally. This is because the mono-unsaturated fat in olive oil promotes a healthy pH in the organs and tissues of the body, including the skin. You can take 1 tablespoon of olive oil by spoon, or you can combine the olive oil with vinegar and serve it with salad.


Olive oil is squeezed out of olives by pressing the raw olives repeatedly. The first pressing creates what is called extra-virgin olive oil, which is the most nutrient-rich oil. It's best to use extra-virgin olive oil on your skin and in your diet to ensure that you are getting the most benefit from its nutrients.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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