Popcorn & the South Beach Diet

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Typically, one of the most difficult parts of dieting is finding ways to curb the urge to snack. While the South Beach Diet puts restrictions on your snack choices, popcorn is a good option. Knowing which phases of the South Beach Diet allow popcorn and how much you can eat can help you stay on track for reaching your weight-loss goals.

Phase 1

During the first phase of the South Beach Diet you will need to avoid carbs, including popcorn. During this two-week period your snacks will consist of proteins, such as fat-free turkey breast and fat-free or reduced-fat cheese.

Phase 2

After the first two weeks, you can add certain carbs back into your diet. You can have popcorn, but you cannot have more than 3 cups of popcorn each day.


While on the South Beach Diet, you can only eat popcorn that's prepared in specific ways. You can have air-popped popcorn without added butter. Microwave popcorn is permitted as long as you select a plain variety that does not contain unhealthy oils. You may also cook the popcorn on your stove top, using a small amount of an allowed oil such as canola oil.


Eating popcorn or any other food every single day can result in boredom, which could lead you to choosing a snack that's not allowed on the South Beach Diet. You may want to alternate your snacks, or mix in a few nuts with your popcorn so you don't grow tired of it.