Burping and Upset Stomach After Eating

Certain foods such as broccoli, cabbage, baked beans and carbonated beverages can cause burping. Even chewing gum or eating hard candy can cause burping as you may swallow excess air, which is the leading cause of burping, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse. Spicy and fatty foods, such as chili, nachos and deep-fried foods, may cause upset stomach.

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Indigestion is characterized by excess burping, upset stomach and possibly heartburn. Depending on your body, spicy foods may cause indigestion or just particular foods in general. Fatty and greasy foods may also cause upset stomach and burping. Large meals can cause burping and upset stomach, especially if you eat quickly. When you eat a meal or drink quickly, you swallow excess air which can cause you to belch more than you normally would.


Some foods digest at a different rate. Some foods, such as rice and peas, are broken down before they reach your intestines, other foods, such as broccoli, wheat and some fruits, are broken down in your intestinal tract and some are not completely broken down at all, such as corn. Depending upon where the food is broken down will determine if you belch or pass gas. Gas that is produced in the stomach due to digestion typically escapes the body via burping; a small amount may be absorbed by the small intestine. Gas produced in the intestines is typically released via passing gas. An upset stomach will not affect whether you belch or have gas.


Peptic ulcer disease, acid reflux disease, gastroparesis and gastroesophageal disease can cause upset stomach, indigestion and excessive burping. These disorders may make it easier to have an upset stomach and experience indigestion than if you did not have them. Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications can worsen these conditions, as well as smoking and stress.


The course of treatment will depend upon the cause of your upset stomach and burping. If it’s just a particular food or types of foods, you can adjust your diet accordingly to avoid these symptoms. If you have an infection in your stomach, your doctor can treat the infection with antibiotics. If you have an ulcer or suffer from acid reflux, you may need to take either an acid-blocking medication or antacids. Do not attempt to self-treat using various over-the-counter medications as you could injure the lining of your stomach further, if you suffer from peptic ulcer disease.