Side Effects of Mega Men Sport Vitamin Packs

Mega Men Sport Vitamin Packs contain all of the vitamins normally appearing in multivitamins, including from vitamin A, C, D, E, K and a vitamin B complex. They also have nutritional supplements such as fruit, vegetable, L-argentine, alpha-lipoic acid, lutein and lycopene. Such vitamin packs contain four different pills designed for you to take together. This antioxidant formula claims to provide the nutrients missing from your diet and provides a scientific approach to assist in your daily exercise workout, the manufacturer claims. Before starting any supplement, talk to your doctor first, as interactions with your medications may occur. Side effects may occur from some of the ingredients in these multivitamin packs.


These pills have alpha lipoic acid, which may cause drowsiness, reports. During a workout, you may feel tired and may need to take rest periods. If you continue to have this side effect, call your doctor, because you may have symptoms of an underlying health issue.


Experiencing diarrhea is an unpleasant effect during a workout, or at any time. You may experience this side effect at any time because of the B multivitamin ingredient in your pills, as well as because of alpha lipoic acid. If this side effect becomes bothersome, report it to your doctor.


Nausea may occur as a side effect of nearly any supplement, including Mega Men Sport vitamin packs. In most cases, you will become nauseous during the initial phase of your use of the multivitamin. Various ingredients such as the B vitamins in your pills and alpha-lipoic acid can cause stomach upset. Your stomach upset may decrease your appetite, as well. Talk to your doctor if this side effect becomes a problem and continues. This sense of nausea should disappear after continued use of this product. If your nausea continues, talk to your physician about it.


Headaches occur because of the influence of vitamins on the hormonal balance in your body, indicates. You may experience a headache the first few times you take this supplement. Otherwise, this side effect should go away by itself. Report a headache that does not go away to your medical practitioner.

Muscle Cramps

You may develop cramps in your muscles, especially when you first use Mega Men Sport multivitamin packs. Typically, your body will adjust to the supplement and your cramps will subside. If you get muscle cramps during a workout, you should stop the workout and stop the supplement. Report your experience to your doctor for advice.