Isagenix is a company that specializes in nutritional cleansing products, advertised to promote a healthy body and encourage weight loss. The company states that many Isagenix products can be used safely while breastfeeding, though a few changes should be made. Always consult your health-care provider before introducing new supplements into your diet when breastfeeding. Anything that enters your body has the potential of crossing over into your breast milk, so caution is advised.

Isagenix for Pregnancy Weight Loss

Losing weight is important to many new mothers after childbirth. It is important to lose weight safely and only after your doctor grants permission to begin dieting and exercising. Isagenix products can be incorporated into your daily regimen to promote weight loss. IsaLean Shakes and IsaLean Bars can serve as meal replacements to lower your daily caloric intake. Remember that breastfeeding requires additional calories. Breastfeeding mothers should consume a minimum of 1,500 calories per day to maintain a good milk supply.

Isagenix Cleanse

Isagenix Cleanse is a drink that works to remove toxins and impurities from your body. Isagenix does not recommend this product for breastfeeding mothers. Cleansing while breastfeeding may cause impurities to leach into the breast milk. Ingredients in Isagenix Cleanse include pau d’arco, aloe vera and yellow dock, along with vitamins and minerals.

Ionix Supreme

Ionix Supreme is a rejuvenating drink containing wolfberry, ginger, alfalfa, maca and other herbs. Ionix Supreme is advertised to help relieve stress, improve energy and vitality and enhance general health. Isagenix encourages breast feeding mothers to avoid using Ionix Supreme because the product may alter the taste of breast milk. If your milk takes on a new taste, your baby may refuse to nurse.

Natural Accelerator

Natural Accelerator is a product designed to help jump-start weight loss without the negative effects of caffeine or herbal stimulants, such as ephedra or ma huang. Just like Ionix Supreme, Natural Accelerator may change the taste of your milk. Cayenne, apple cider vinegar, white willow bark and ginseng root are ingredients that may contribute to the change in taste.


Talk with your doctor, midwife or other knowledgeable health provider regarding your concerns in taking Isagenix while breastfeeding. She may be able to offer further advice regarding the risks and benefits of each ingredient in the product to make an educated decision regarding the use of Isagenix products.