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5 Things You Need to Know About Benefits of L Arginine

By Contributor

Why Give Your Body Something it Produces On its Own?

L arginine is an essential amino acid, which means that the body produces it on its own. It is necessary for proper bodily function and carries many benefits; however, the body can become deficient due to injury or various health conditions. Signs that you may need to supplement your diet with L arginine include slow healing of wounds, hair loss, constipation and skin rashes. As with any supplement, it is important that you speak to your doctor about dosage, particularly if you have a history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure or impotency.

Give Your Immune System a Boost

L arginine stimulates activity of the thymus gland which in turn produces T-cells. T-cells are like the immune systems soldiers. The more T-cells present in the body, the stronger the immune system can attack disease and heal wounds. The T-cell stimulating effects of L arginine are thought to help slow the growth of tumors and slow diseases which suppress the immune system, such as HIV and AIDS as well as improve healing after burns or injury.

Better Blood Flow for a Healthier Heart

L arginine helps in the synthesis of nitric oxide which the body uses to dilate or relax blood vessels. When the blood vessels are relaxed, blood flow increase to the bodily organs, including the brain and heart. L arginine supplements are thought to be helpful for those with blood vessel problems or heart conditions as easier blood flow means prevents overworking of the heart. Some studies have even shown that L arginine can help in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, as it not only lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels, it may also help to lower bad cholesterol.

Burn Fat, Build Muscle

L arginine is a popular supplement among bodybuilders, particularly those who want to loose body fat. L arginine improves the balance of nitrogen in the body, allowing the body to covert more protein into muscle. The extra lean muscle mass helps to burn fat, even in inactive states, helping you to decrease your body fat at all hours of the day. Remember that there is no magic pill for weight loss, and that any supplement, when abused, can cause harmful side effects. Never take more L arginine than the manufacturer's recommended dose, and supplement your weight loss program with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Some Help Between the Sheets

Because L arginine stimulates nitric oxide and increases blood flow, it is thought to help with erectile dysfunction, increasing the flow of blood to the genital area as well. Additionally, studies suggest that L arginine may help to increase sperm counts and stimulate sex drive, making it a useful treatment for impotency and infertility.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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