Why Can't I Get My Stomach Flat After Twins?

After you have delivered your twins, it may seem like a daunting task to get your stomach flat again. When you carry twins, the skin of your stomach stretches to accommodate your growing shape. To flatten the tummy, you need to make diet and exercise changes after delivery. At your postpartum visit, typically six to eight weeks after delivery, your doctor can let you know if it is safe to begin exercising again.


To prevent excessive weight gain while carrying twins, you need to practice good eating and exercise habits during the pregnancy. If you stay a healthy weight during the pregnancy, reclaiming your body after delivery will be much easier 3. Women carrying twins should usually gain an average of 35 to 45 pounds, according to the Mayo Clinic. Exercise daily, but only participate in low-intensity activities such as swimming, walking and yoga.


Breastfeeding your twins can help you lose the weight by increasing the amount of calories your body burns. Also, breastfeeding helps shrink the uterus back to its normal size, which can help slim the abdominal area. Remember to drink plenty of water after delivery. Water not only keeps you hydrated for breastfeeding, but also can replace high-calorie drinks and help you lose weight.


To lose excess belly weight after delivering twins, eat a calorie-controlled diet made up of plenty of veggies, fruits, poultry, legumes, fish, low-fat or fat-free dairy products and whole grains. Increase your activity level by exercising daily. If you find it difficult to find the time to workout with twins, include them in your exercise routine. Go for walks or jogs with your stroller. Tone the ab muscles by doing core training exercises such as crunches, pelvic lifts, pelvic tilts and bicycles. Pilates and yoga classes can also work the muscles in the abs.


Keep in mind that your body may never return to its original shape. According to the Mayo Clinic, the stretching of the abdominal wall and changes in your bone structure may be permanent. If you find it difficult to accept your new body, you can talk to your doctor about additional methods that can be used to flatten the tummy. For instance, a tummy tuck procedure can tighten the skin on the abdomen.