40 Day Fruit Diet

A 40-day fruit diet is a type of detox diet that is designed to help users get a jump-start on weight loss. Detox diets are utilized to remove toxins from the body. The 40-day fruit diet is restrictive, only allowing for raw fruits and fresh fruit juices to be eaten. Not only is this type of diet dangerous, but it is also not backed by scientific proof. Consult a physician before considering this type of diet.


Toxins in the intestinal tract purportedly pose health dangers and may even prevent normal weight loss. Eating fruit for a long period of time is thought to help cleanse toxins from the body. Fruit itself is a good source of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. In order to reap the toxin-removal benefits of eating fruit, users eat solely fruit for over a month following a fast.


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It's no surprise the fruit diet is composed primarily of fruit. The Diet Channel explains that the first three days of a long-term fruit diet are the most restrictive. During this time, users consume one type of fruit at every meal. After the three-day fast, you can eat a mix of fruits and fresh fruit juices throughout the day for the duration of the diet. Examples include apples, pineapple, oranges and melon.


The benefits of detox diets are not backed by science, according to KidsHealth. Reducing calories will lead to weight loss over time, but a 40-day fruit diet is too restrictive to count on for lasting results. The Diet Channel says all dieters need daily servings of some fats and protein in order to maintain health. Also, detox diets are temporary. If you engage in unhealthy eating habits after the diet, you will gain weight.

Possible Side Effects

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During the 40-day fruit diet, you will likely experience excessive fatigue and light-headedness. This is because your body does not receive enough minerals and other nutrients. During the progression of the diet, you will likely lose iron, calcium and vitamin D. Every Diet points out that vitamin B-12 deficiencies are common in fruit dieters. KidsHealth does not recommend any type of detox diets for teenagers and those with heart disease, eating disorders and diabetes.

Bottom Line

Drastically restrictive diets like a fruit diet are not necessary in terms of toxin removal. KidsHealth points out that your body naturally rids of toxins through waste. Weight gain or the inability to lose weight is likely not attributed to toxin build-up. According to KidsHealth, detox diets do not cause fat loss. In fact, any weight lost during a fruit diet is caused by a loss of muscle mass and water weight. Effective weight loss is achieved through a long-term balanced diet and not one as restrictive as a 40-day fruit diet.