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I Can't Lose the Last 10 Pounds

By Lynne Sheldon ; Updated July 18, 2017

You have been losing weight at a steady pace, and you have just 10 lbs. left to go. But no matter what you do, you cannot seem to lose that last bit of weight. You may have hit a weight-loss plateau. To overcome this, you will need to make some changes to your diet and exercise habits. See your doctor before making any alterations, and tell her about the weight-loss problems you are having.

Weight-Loss Plateau

When you first begin a weight-loss regimen, you may lose weight very quickly, and this will most likely come from water. Once you have stuck to your diet and exercise plan for a few weeks, you will begin losing weight from fat. Your metabolism will even out to reflect these changes, and consequently, your weight-loss may slow or even stall. Weight-loss plateaus are common, and you will have to eliminate more calories to push past them.

Exercise More

If you have been exercising diligently every day for weeks, your body may be used to the workout, which can contribute to your plateau. You can try changing your cardio activity from walking to biking, or swimming to dancing, or stick with the exercise you already do and just add 15 minutes to the routine. You may need to work out for up to 60 minutes every day to lose weight and keep it off. However, doing small tasks like gardening, vacuuming or pacing around your office can also burn additional calories and kick your metabolism up a notch.

Change Your Diet

You may be sticking to your original diet plan, but you could also have become a bit lazy. Take a hard look at what you are eating, which can help you figure out where you may have started to slack. Try cutting out an additional 200 calories, as long as this does not put your daily caloric intake below 1,200. Also consider that you may not be eating enough, which can cause your body to hold onto excess weight instead of lose it. Consider visiting with a nutritionist to ensure that you are eating enough to promote a healthy weight.


If you cannot lose those last 10 lbs. even after making the aforementioned changes, it may be that your body has reached its ideal weight. The perfect weight is different for everyone and trying to force your body to go below your personal ideal may not be healthy. Speak with your doctor if you are unsure about what your weight should be. If you do need to lose a few more pounds, he can offer advice on how you should do this.

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