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The "Walking for Weight Loss" Program

By Jennifer Mangaly

Leslie Sansone has created several workout DVDs, books and workout soundtracks over her 25-year career as a fitness expert. She has worked with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, and she also writes for some of the top women’s fitness magazines. Her weight loss video and DVD series include “Weight Loss Walk,” “Walk Away the Pounds,” “Walk at Home,” “Walk the Walk,” “Walking for Everybody” and “Walk Slim.” Her latest series is called “Walk Your Way Thin.”


Leslie Sansone started teaching a walking fitness class to a small group at a church hall. Unlike other aerobics instructors who seem overly muscled, Leslie Sansone looks like a “real-world” mom and wife. This sensibility is part of her appeal.


Sansone’s walking fitness products appeal to people who want an easy-to-do workout routine at home. Older or overweight exercisers who might be intimidated by a traditional dance aerobics DVD often find Sansone's workouts to be approachable and doable. Her workout videos use fast, up-tempo music and simple choreography.

The Workouts

Although some people find Sansone to be overly chatty in her workouts, most people feel inspired by her positive, can-do attitude. The workouts range from one to five miles, depending on fitness level. Many intermediate-level walking workouts incorporate jogging or “boosted walking” so exercisers can burn more calories for weight loss. All Sansone walking workouts include modifications for low-impact or high-impact moves.


Some people complain about Sansone’s overemphasis on walking, but her workouts do vary. In some walking workouts, the exercisers use gloves, weight belts, wrist weights, toning bands, booster cables or toning shoes for extra benefit. She offers a few DVDs devoted to basic Pilates, yoga and abs work.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for Sansone’s DVDs are normally about $8 to $15 each. Her latest 2011 workout DVD series, “Walk Your Way Thin,” includes workout gear such as gloves or a weight belt. The products are available at major retailers. Some individual Sansone workouts are available for download at www.exercisetv.tv from $1.99. Her Eat-Walk-Lose program is available from walkathome.com. This program includes seven DVDs, a 21-day eating plan, 21-day schedule and booster cables.

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