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The Benefits & Side Effects of Olive Oil Extract

By Derek Buckner

Olive oil extract, which is also commonly referred to as olive leaf extract, is produced by the olive tree. The extract is grown mostly in the Mediterranean regions, although it is grown worldwide. Olive oil extract has numerous therapeutic and health benefits thanks oleuropein, its active ingredient.

Increased Energy

When a person begins taking olive oil extract, an increased amount of energy is one of the most common benefits, according to James R. Priviteria, M.D., author of “Olive Leaf Extract: A New/Old Healing Bonanza for Mankind”. The doctor states that patients taking olive oil extract have an increased sense of well-being and feel more energetic overall. A number of patients inquired whether the supplements include any type of “upper.” The truth is, both the tablets and the infusion of energy the herb creates are completely natural. Olive oil extract is often used by those experiencing fatigue, but who have no desire to change their diet or exercise routine.

Antimicrobial Properties

Olive oil extract has the ability to fight the microorganisms that are responsible for causing diseases, according to “The Olive Leaf: Unequalled Immune Support for Health and Longevity”. Olive oil extract contains calcium elenoate, a substance found within the foliage of the olive tree. Calcium elenoate is a natural substance that has both antiviral and antibacterial properties. When viruses or bacteria come in contact with the calcium elenolate, their replication ceases, making it impossible for them to spread disease any further.

Herxheimers Reaction

Herxheimers Reaction is the most common side effect reported by those taking olive oil extract, according to “Olive Leaf Extract: Nature’s Secret for Vibrant Health and Long Life.” This side effect is not actually a counteraction, but a detoxification reaction. If you experience pain or aches in your joints and muscles, flu-like symptoms, headaches or diarrhea, either lower your dosage or discontinue the supplement altogether.


Olive leaf extract is a natural, herbal remedy and should not be used in the place of medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. Before taking any types of alternative medications, supplements or treatments, speak with your doctor and voice any concerns or questions you may have. If you experience any type of negative effects as the result of taking olive oil extract, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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