Body Balance and Weight Loss

Body Balance is a workout program designed to create lean, sculpted bodies. The unique structure of each class combines exercise moves from a variety of workout methods in order to produce visible results. The main focus of Body Balance is to change lifestyles through group classes and lifestyle recommendations. These popular classes take place across the world and are available in 80 countries.

Core Features

This workout program is mainly a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Through a variety of stretches, moves, and poses, you will be using controlled breathing and concentration to build flexibility and strength. Body Balance takes a holistic approach to fitness that targets all major muscle groups in the body accompanied by music. The classes are updated every three months with changes in the music and choreography.

Class Structure

The entire workout takes place in 55 minutes. The first 45 mintues are made up of simple, but challenging exercises, followed by 10 minutes of cool-down relaxation and meditation exercises. The average calorie burn of each class is 390, and the workouts are low intensity. Each class begins with flowing Tai Chi moves to warm up the body. The middle section is a variety of yoga and pilates sequences to strengthen and tone while also increasing flexibility. Finally, the last 10 minutes are used to meditate and cool down the body. Participants may take part in classes once a week or up to three times, as desired.

Body Balance Results

While many people enroll in Body Balance for weight loss, the program's main goal focuses primarily on flexibility, strength and decreasing stress. Weight loss may occur, but is not a primary goal of the program. As noted, a 55-minute section burns approximately 390 calories. In comparison, a 155-pound person walking a medium pace at four miles an hour will burn approximately 330 calories in the same amount of time. Other exercise programs including more vigorous activities may result in greater weight loss than Body Balance.

Total Weight Loss

Body Balance boasts results that include increasing core strength and burning calories. However, this program does not exist primarily as a weight loss program and going to three classes a week will only result in an approximate loss of one-third of a pound each week. all other things being equal. The calories burned in each session are comparative to moderate walking or a similar activity 1. Body Balance primarily exists to improve wellness through exercise and meditation. If your primary goal is to improve your overall health and manage stress levels, Body Balance may be a good choice. However, if your main goal is weight loss, you will experience greater results through vigorous activity not included in this program.